Why an Atoma notebook?

The Atoma notebook is your individual notebook. You can reorganize it, take out pages, put them back in another place, add additions and much more. The unique perforation allows you to easily convert your Atoma notebook into a workbook, calendar, sketchbook or whatever you plan to do.

What advantages does an Atoma notebook offer?

The Atoma notebook consists of a cover, inserts and the typical Atoma rings. The special T-shaped perforation ensures that you can easily insert each page into your Atoma notebook again and again. You can also easily integrate small notes, for example by attaching an A6 page to your A4 notebook.

You can use the hole punch to make your own insoles. The Atoma hole punch can easily punch inserts from A6 to A4. It can even punch holes in light cardboard.

What different types of Atoma notebooks are there?

There are different types of Atoma notebooks including:

1. Atoma Elegant : This is the original and most famous Atoma notebook. It has a black cloud marble cardboard lid and ivory colored inserts. This paper is very popular with fountain pen users because it is very ink safe. The rings are made of solid aluminum and therefore last forever.

2. Atoma Climate : the notebook for the environmentally conscious writer. The cover and paper are made from recycled paper and the plastic rings are also made from recycled plastic.

3. Atoma Pur : the most elegant version of an Atoma notebook. This is created in collaboration with the traditional company Ruitertassen. The leather cover makes the Atoma notebook an elegant eye-catcher or even a practical conference folder.