Sailor Pen is one of the most traditional pen manufacturers in Japan. This passion began when the founder Saijiro Sakata was given a fountain pen by an English sailor. He then developed the first Japanese gold nibs. Over the years, this art was refined and Sailor is now famous for its special nibs.

The special nibs from Sailor

These include the simpler Zoom nibs, which have a different stroke width depending on the writing angle. You can vary the stroke width depending on whether you let the fountain pen glide flat over the paper or whether you place it more steeply on the paper. But this takes a little practice for a smooth transition.
Or the Music nib, which has a broad stroke when you write downward, or a narrower stroke when you write horizontally. In this way, you achieve a complimentary typeface to the usual calligraphy nibs, which behave in exactly the opposite way.
The Naginata-Togi nibs are a masterpiece of craftsmanship: Sailor's nib masters take special care in the production of these gold nibs. They have a particularly high gold content of 21 Kt and are flexible.

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