JOWO replacement nib size 6 for paper & pen

P&S 02

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nib size M (Medium)

Original replacement nib from Jowo Berlin. Connoisseurs consider Jowo nibs to be among the best available. The steel nib is available in size 6. This is used directly in some fountain pens, such as the Leonard Momento Zero, Esterbrooks Estie or the Omar from Opus 88.

So much for the technical details... We were able to cooperate with JOWO and received 5 nibs designed exclusively for us. Through laser processing, these nibs not only received our logo, but also iridescent coloration, fine hatching and more. The black feather is absolutely exquisite, as the lasering is gold-plated! A nib for everyone who loves elephants like we do?

The following variants are currently available:

P&S 02: Steel nib completely iridescent with our elephant logo
P&S 03: shiny steel nib with iridescent spring bow and logo
P&S 04: Steel nib in the body iridescent and matt hatching on the nib bow and logo
P&S 05: Surface of bare steel spring and spring bow iridescent and additionally hatched with logo
P&S 06: PVD coated steel nib with logo lasered and gold plated

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