Platinum x Paper and Pen - #3776 Celluloid Fountain Pen Midnight Ocean Architect Grid

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Federbreite Architect

Completely exclusive to Paper & Pen: the special nibs from Platinum.

We had our Nibmaster Phillip Landsiedel process the particularly high-quality nibs from Platinum. This means we can exclusively offer you typical European nib cuts on the best Japanese nibs.

Here we had a B nib reground into the very special Architecture Grid nib. This allows different line widths between horizontal and vertical to be achieved. The vertical lines are half narrower than the horizontal ones. This nib is not necessarily suitable for someone who places the nib on the paper at a relatively diagonal angle.

Manufacturer: Platinum x Papier&Stift

Nib Material:

  • 14 Kt Goldfeder

Length closed:

Length without cap:


Cap Diameter:

Diameter of grip section:

Type of cap: