Sailor Naginata fountain pen Cross Point

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Federbreite Cross Point

Finally back with us: the special nibs from Sailor. In addition to the Naginata Togi nibs, Sailor also offers a series of very unusual special nibs. However, since these are only produced in a few copies - we are talking about a few dozen special nibs that are produced every year and are offered worldwide - we have not been able to offer them for several years. But now we are lucky enough to present you the first delivery of a Cross Point nib.

The Cross Point nib is characterized by the fact that the tip of the nib is, so to speak, double: a second layer is applied to the actual nib tip. This creates a horizontal and a vertical slot that puts the ink on paper. The typeface is characterized by a very rich, wide horizontal line and a normal wide line in the vertical direction.

It is not quite comparable to an Architecture Grid nib, as these are usually ground very “sharp”. Here the nib is very soft and round and can show this line effect even if the nib is not placed perfectly straight. The very rich ink flow can also show the special effects of the inks such as shading or sheening.

If you use the pen the other way around, i.e. in so-called reverse writing, then you have a relatively fine line width.

The fountain pen is based on the 1911 model and has the following dimensions:

Length closed 141 mm
Open length 124 mm
Diameter of cap (on ring) 16.6 mm
Weight 25g

The cap ring has the inscription: "Sailor 1911 special nib"

A converter is included. Alternatively, it can also be filled with Sailor cartridges.

Manufacturer: Sailor

Nib Material:

Length closed:

Length without cap:


Cap Diameter:

Diameter of grip section:

Type of cap: