Sailor Pro Gear Slim Manyo II - Rabbit Ear Iris

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nib width M (medium)

The second edition of the Manyo fountain pens is now available. Exclusively for the non-Japanese market, Sailor presents five fountain pens that again match the popular Manyo inks.

Each of these fountain pens shows the colors of two Manyo inks. One of the respective inks is also included in the gift packaging.

Rabbit Ear Iris has a purple, transparent body that takes on the color of the Kakitsubata ink. The cap, handle and end piece are opaque in the color of Akebi. A glass of Kakitsubata ink (50 ml) is included.

Manufacturer: Sailor

Nib Material:

  • 14 Kt Goldfeder

Length closed:

Length without cap:


Cap Diameter:

Diameter of grip section:

Type of cap: