Scribo FEEL Novello fountain pen

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nib width M (medium)

The first edition of Scribo Feel in 2023 celebrates a very well-known Italian culinary highlight: red wine. Novello is an almost black fountain pen with yellow and gold accents on the clip, cap ring and of course the nib. Only when you hold the fountain pen in your hands do you see that the material is a very dark red, as deep red as a good wine. As always, this fountain pen is only available in a one-off edition of 219 copies.

We offer it again with the 18kt gold nib or with the Flex-F nib in 14k gold.

Manufacturer: Scribo

Nib Material:

  • 14 Kt Goldfeder
  • 18 Kt Goldfeder

Length closed:

Length without cap:


Cap Diameter:

Diameter of grip section:

Type of cap: